Scooter rental

1. What documents are required for the rental? Do I need a special licence?

You must bring your passport or identity card, a credit card or cash to pay the security deposit and your driving license. To rent a scooter you must have a valid driving license according to current regulations and 18 years old. All driving license regularly obtained in the 28 countries of the European Union can travel in Italy (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Hungary), and also the driving license from Algeria or Turchia.
All customers that have a driving licenses obtained in countries not present in the list above,  It is mandatory to have an international driving license.

2. Is a deposit required?

Yes. A security deposit of € 500 must be paid upon signing the contract in the office before picking up the vehicle. For the deposit, you can use your credit card. The amount will be pre-authorized on the card and will automatically be refunded to your card at the end of rental. If you want you can pay it in cash and will be refunded at the end of rental

3. Can the scooter be used by two people?

Yes. You can ride all of our scooters with a passenger.

4. Can I ride without a helmet?

No. It is forbidden to drive without wearing a helmet. Also the passenger.

5. What happens if I have an accident or the scooter gets stolen?

You are fully covered by the insurance in case of damage caused by/to a third party. For accidental damage caused to the scooter, you will be fully responsible. To help you avoid theft, we will provide you with an alarm disc lock. If the rental tough more than one day, it is important to search for safe parking place or park the scooter inside the hotel/bedandbreakfast  park overnight. In case of theft, you must contact our office to proceed with the report police and pay for the scooter if it is not found.

6. What is covered by the insurance?

The insurance, already included in the rental price, covers damages caused by a third party. In addition, it is possible to add driver insurance (€10 per day) and passenger insurance (€5 per day). All accessories (helmets, padlock, gps, keys, etc.) are not covered by the insurance and are paid separately in case of loss or damage.

7. Do I have to fill the tank with petrol?

Yes, you must bring the scooter with the same level of petrol. Otherwise, you will be charged a penalty and the cost of petrol. You will find all the costs in the Rental Agreement.

8. Do you have a delivery service?

Yes, it is possible to deliver the vehicle. This extra service must be requested by email to . The Service has an extra cost of €20. The customer will always have to go to our office to complete the contractual procedure and the payment of the deposit.

9. What happens if I cancel my booking?

Cancellation is free within 48 hours collection date. It will also be possible to fully refund the amount paid. Cancellation requests must be sent by email to: 

10. What happens if I arrive late to collect or return the scooter?

The customer is required to inform our office if he is late in picking up the scooter. A delay in returning the scooter is not permitted as the vehicle will have to be prepared for the next guests. In accordance with the contractual conditions, a penalty will be charged. Also, it is illegal to drive with an expired rental agreement.

11. Will the rental cost be refunded to me if I return the scooter early? Is it possible to rent only for a few hours?

Unfortunately not. The rental during 24 hours and no amount will be refunded in case of early delivery. 

12. What are the office / garage hours for pick up and drop off?

Our office is open from 10:00 to 18:00. It is possible to pick up or return them at other times that must be agreed with the company in advance. 

13. What happens if I get a fine?

The cost of the fine is charged to the customer. If you have a receipt with you, you can pay it directly to the municipal police of the city. If it is notified to our office by the police, the total amount + penalty will be charged to the credit card used for the rental. A notification will be sent via email/pec. The amount may be deducted from the deposit before the refunded.

14. Is it possible to drive inside the ZTL?

No, it is not possible to drive our scooters inside the ZTL. Any fine will be charged to the customer. 

Bike rental

1. Can I rent without a credit card?

For online booking, payment by credit card is required. It is possible to write us a booking request via email and payment can be made by bank transfer. It is also possible to reach our office and pay in cash.

2. Is a deposit required?

Yes. A deposit is required. If you pay by credit card, the amount is returned at the end of rental. If you pay in cash, the amount will be refunded at the end of rental. 

3. What documents are required to rent?

We will be asked for an identity card or any other identification document, useful for completing the rental agreement.

4. Is there a minimum age requirement for the rental?

No. There is no age limit for bike rental but, for minors, the rental agreement must be completed and signed by a parent.

5. What happens if I cancel my booking?

Cancellation is free within 48 hours prior to the bike collection date. It will also be possible to fully refund the amount paid. Cancellation requests must be sent via email to: 

6. How to recharge the electric bike?

The bicycles we have chosen have an autonomy of 50/60 km on the plain with a single recharge. Upon delivery, the bicycles are delivered with a fully charged battery. If the requested rental period is more of 1 day, we will provide you a charger (for free) and give you some simple instructions on how to use it.

7. What happens if my bike is stolen?

​To help you avoid theft, we will provide you with a chain. If the rental during more than one day, it is important to search the possibility of storing the bike inside the apartment/hotel/bed and breakfast overnight. In case of theft, you must contact our office to proceed with the report police and pay for the bike if it is not found.

8. Does the rental include insurance?

No, our bikes are not covered by any insurance policy.

9. Can I bring baggage on the bike? 

Only on bike models with a special rear rack (E-bike and City bike Elops).

10. Do you have a child seat?

Yes, we have bike rack seats, designed to carry a child from 9 months to 4/5 years with a maximum weight of 22kg. It fits on the rear rack.