Who we are...

We are a team of people who, with passion, have set themselves the goal of offering a rental service for those who want to stay on the move while on holiday.
​We were born and we leave in Cefalù. We have been working in the tourism sector for years and we have welcomed our guests with great love, transmitting our love for the city. We will continue with this new service to enrich and make our customers' holidays unique

Salvatore, Company owner

Founder and tour operator. He has been working in the tourism sector for years. He loves to keep busy by participating in the active life of the company, managing reservations and customer relations.

Maria Pia - Company Management

Maria Pia loves to face challenges. Thanks to her many years of experience in the tourism sector, she loves welcoming customers, managing contracts and delivering the company's vehicles.

Anna - Company Management

Anna is an iconic person, one of those who can boast of loving their job. He supervises the company's vehicles and equipment, and takes care of responding to all requests for estimates and vehicle reservations

Angelo - Financial director

Thanks to his experience, he helps with accounting management. He is determined to succeed by putting his professional skills at the service of the company to help it progress.